More crazy laser cutter action

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Crazy Crap We’ve Made Vaguely Recently Week continues, with our wedding invitations. I love showing them off (to a rather scary degree) since I think they turned out awesome.

Like the glassware, we also made ‘em on the laser cutter. 

You have no idea how long it took to learn to tie a flat knot correctly. Seriously.

The edging is all laser-cut. We were trying for wood bark but it turned out more abstract. I like it: 

Seeing the laser cut out all those tiny bits is very satisfying.

Detail of one of the monograms: 

I forget which font this is, but it's pretty.

If you turn the invitation over, this is the only thing on the back. I think that’s all you need.

Friggin LASERS

The inside. It’s an oak tree (a coast live oak, ubiquitous in this area) and leaves, drawn by my husband.

[missing image]

Detail of the oak leaves. I really liked those oak leaves, we used them as motifs on everything. Note the scorching from the laser on the edges, which I think is a neat effect and makes it look more organic. 


Once we got a design down, it didn’t take too long to power through them all. Especially since our wedding was fairly small.  It took a couple days to nail down a design, four hours to cut them all, one afternoon to spray glue them together and one afternoon to assemble and mail them.  They were a big hit.

It was the only really insanely crafty thing we did for the wedding, I promise. 

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