• Meeples!

    The first batch of meeple truffles emerges!  As I was afraid of, the meeples were difficult to unmold and tended to crack. But a chosen few made it out. (If you look close, you can see the wood grain lines from the original.  Silicone picks up an insane level of detail.)

    IMHO, traditional truffles are way too sweet, too bland and too rich, so these are a mixture of ganache, pecans, dried cranberries and sea salt.  Making a note: huge success.  Sweet + tart + savory + chocolate + salt = holy cow yes.   ( Just like those old lady Whitman’s Samplers, only without the suck.)

    These were made by brushing chocolate into the mold, but I’m thinking it’ll be easier and much, much quicker to mold the meeple guts and then pour chocolate over.


    I got my grubby mitts on some food-grade silicone RTV, and I’ve been dying to try it out.  I scoured the house for something tiny yet cute to cast, and Carcassonne meeples seemed just the thing.  This is the fully cured mold, just before I removed all the meeples.

    The first batch of meeple truffles will be some concoction of Ghiradelli chocolate, pistachios and dried fruit, all of which is in the cupboard right now.  Although tinted white chocolate would be adorable, am I right? Or homemade jolly rancher meeples.  Or gummi meeples.

    The possibilities are endless.

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